Floor Epoxy

Epoxy resins are chemically resistant, rigid materials that cure at room temperature. Epoxy paint is used on flooring in many industrial and commercial buildings because it is hard and durable. This makes it a perfect option for places with high traffic, like warehouses and grocery stores.

Easy to clean

An epoxy covered surface can easily be wiped free of dirt and dust. This makes it the perfect choice for factories that deal with day-to-day mess and debris.

Floor Epoxy is:

  • Durable and chemically resistant. An epoxy floor coating adds a protective cover to a surface that lasts for years to come. Plus, these surfaces are protected by a chemically resistant shield.
  • Safe. A coating improves the overall safety of a room, as epoxy is slip-resistant.
  • Attractive. Epoxy dries to a high gloss shine, and we offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Plus, they can improve overall work area brightness.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Less maintenance means you are less likely to have to replace the flooring. Epoxy helps to keep a sustainable service looking good for years
  • Cost efficient. There‚Äôs no risk when investing in concrete floor epoxy. It helps to reduce overall maintenance and cleaning costs. Forget about upkeep costs