Moisture Mitigation

Moisture related flooring failures cost over one billion dollars in the U.S. annually.

Moisture mitigation exists to limit the impact of moisture on installed floors and to reduce the risks of moisture-related problems. Think of it as flooring insurance; the cost up front can offset potential disasters down the road.

moisture mitigation

We Use 100% Solids Epoxy Moisture Barrier

Essentially, the purpose of any moisture mitigation system is to limit or eliminate the movement of water vapor into the flooring system. This may include water vapor from exterior sources like ground water, or moisture vapor from a subfloor system itself, such as insufficiently dry concrete slab. Regardless of the source, high moisture levels will move from high concentration areas to low concentration areas until it reaches a state of equilibrium. Interrupting that natural process is the key to preventing moisture-related complications.

We use HR tests to measure moister concentration in the concrete.